Welding/Rubber Cables

Welding Cables


Suzlon Cables for Welding Rubber Cables are used for lightweight and standard applications. According to the guideline standards of the welding rubber cables, it is best to use them in indoor, outdoor and damp conditions. The cables are used for heavy-duty equipment and high level of stress. It is also known as rubber insulated cables or flexible rubber cables.


  • It has better flame resilient properties
  • Toughness and durability
  • Resilient to oil, solvents and chemicals
  • High tolerance to abrasive, tear and cuts
  • Resistance to ozone and weather
  • According to CENELEC HD 22-6-31, VDE 0282, IEC 245-6, IS 473, BS 638-4, it is flexible to last longer in flex application.

Construction of the Cable

Outer Sheath of the cable: The layer is double sheathed which has developed in thermoplastic elastomer and it is available in orange and black.

Insulation: It is usually for NBR insulated flexible nitrile rubber (NBR)

Conduction: It has a bare annealed copper flexible conductor.

Technical Data of Cables

The test voltage: 2500V

Nominal Voltage: 600V

Tensile Strength: 10

Flame Propagation: Flame retardant test as per IEC 60332-1

Installation: -30◦C to max +90◦C

Standards of Cables

BS EN 50525-2-81

Application for Cables

It is a leading wire for the welding machine which can be applied to the power or even in the electrical household appliances or a variety of mobile of electrical devices with the tools rated voltage of Uo/ U100/ 100V.