Shielded / Screen Cables

Shielded or Screen Cables


Suzlon Cables and Wires product- shielded or screen cable is an electrical cable that has one or more insulated conductors that are enclosed with a common conductive layer. The shield on the cable is made up of metal like strands of copper or aluminium. The shielded cables are used in the security system which gives a certain safeguard from power frequency and radio frequency interference which reduces the number of false alarms being generated.

Applications to use the cables

  • Electronics and Computer systems
  • Special purpose machines and measurement equipment’s
  • These cables are used in a wide range of computer systems, electronic control equipment, office machines, scales, etc and wherever the thinnest cables are required
  • Electronic systems have little spaces that are available for cable installation
  • Electronic scales/electronic weighting machines

Construction of Cables

  • The outer sheath of the cable is made up of PVC compound available in black or grey
  • The second layer, insulation is made up of PVC which is twisted in the layers with a Myler tape wrapping that screen braid of tinned copper wires in the outer PVC compound.
  • In the inner layer, the conductor has annealed electronic plain/tinned multi-stranded copper.

Standard of the Cables

BS: 5308 PART I & II, IEC: 60228/60227, IS: 8130, IS: 5831, IS1554/ASTM