Our Quality

Raw Materials:
PVC Compound
Master batch
Stage -1 Testing of Raw Materials
  • When received the raw material checking of their weight and visual examination and done the required tests by the Q.C. person as per the relevant IS specification.
  • After completion the test of raw material, the conductor will winding in drums as per the requirements. Then the drum fitted in the payoff stand for process of Extrusion of Insulation.
Stage -2 Extrusion of Insulation
  • In Extrusion process we are using the PVC Compound and The master batch. With Extrusion process we can make the proper dimensions for our cable with the help of dies. At time of extrusion we are measure the dimension periodically and do the all tests as per the IS Specification
Stage – 3 Twisting Process
  • After the completion of Extrusion process the PVC insulated cable wind in drums for the twisting process and do the twisting of required Two, Three, Four or as per the required number of core.
Stage – 4 Extrusion of Outer Sheath
  • The Twisted cable comes for extrusion process for the final outer sheathing and after the final outer sheath the finished cable winding in wooden drums and sends for complete cable Test in our own laboratory.
Stage – 5 Finished goods for Sale
  • When the laboratory give the test report of pass the finished cable go to the sale in the market.