Automobile/EV Charging Cables

Automobile/EV Charging Cables


Suzlon cables and wire product Automobile/EV charging cable is used as electric vehicle charging cable is essential for charging a car that runs on electricity. Using electric vehicles not only promote saving the environment but save money too. It is advisable to look into the factors before buying the cables for the electric vehicle:

  • Connector types
  • The power and phase ratings of the cable
  • The cable’s length

The types of EV charging cables

  • Type 1:
  • This type of connector is used as a single-phase and enables up to 7.4kW.

  • Type 2:
  • This type of connector is mostly used in the European region, the level of charging can be up to 22kW in private charging areas and in public charging areas it can reach up to 43 kW.

  • CHAdeMO:
  • A power rating can be up to 50kW which is often by these types of EV charging cables.

  • Mode 2:
  • This EV charging cable is available in a various versions. The automobile drivers can use a domestic socket which connects in the changing of the vehicle.

  • Mode 3:
  • This kind of EV charging cable connects the charging station and the electric vehicle. The can allows to use both type 1 and 2 plugs.

Technical Data of the cable

  • Usage Voltage: 250V
  • Operating Temperature: -40℃ - 70℃
  • Protection Class: IP55
  • Material of the cable: Silicone or Thermoplastic Polyurethane

Standards of EV Charging Cables

EN 50620:201

Characteristics of Cables

  • The cables are resistant to water
  • The silicone EV charging cables can be used in fire-retardant properties
  • It even resists the external properties