• Suzlon, PVC Insulated Cables
  • Suzlon, PVC Insulated Cables
  • Suzlon, PVC Insulated Cables
  • Suzlon, PVC Insulated Cables
  • Suzlon, PVC Insulated Cables

Multi Strand House Wire

PVC Insulated Single Core House Wiring Cables 1100V Grade

SUZLON Brand PVC insulated wires and cables manufactured from pure electrolytic grade C.C.Road Copper and Super grade PVC compound to ensure quality requirements as per IS:694 (90). Due to strict quality control and process control we achieved to mark our products with ISI, OE and UL quality marks, as per specific national & international standards & requirements.
Conductors are made from fine gauge of wires, to give extra flexibility, easy wiring in conduit, casing or trucking, etc. It is manufactured from pure electrolytic grade (90.99%≥ purity) to ensure conductor resistance, as per requirement of IS:8130 with related class and table, FR grade PVC with twin extrusion process are ensuring requirement of IS:5831, type (C1) with FIRE RETARDANT properties. Our wires are packed in tamper proof corrugated box for easy & smooth handling. By selecting of correct wire size application, amp capacity, and resistance, it saves energy and money as well.

We also manufacture FRLS PVC Insulated Wire (TYPE-C2-FRLS-H) and Low Smoke Zero Halogen insulated wires, as per specific requirements and applications.

Colours: Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Green (any other color on request)

Packing: 90 Meters (In Box) 270 Meters (In Coil) if required long length.

Our Range of Products are:

  • PVC Insulated (Type-A, C1 & C2) single core 1100V as per IS: 694(90) up to 300 sq. mm.
  • PVC Insulated multi core cable 1100V as per IS: 694 (90) up to 24 Core

0.5 16/0.20 mm 4 39.00 2.2
0.75 24/0.20 mm 7 26.00 2.5
1.0 14/0.30 mm 11 18.10 2.8
1.50 22/0.30 mm 13 12.10 3.1
2.50 36/0.30 mm 18 7.41 3.8
4.0 56/0.30 mm 24 4.61 4.4
6.0 85/0.30 mm 32 3.08 5.4